5 Tips to Host Easter Dinner

    Celebrating the holidays with your loved ones is always an exciting day. Though, hosting isn’t always easy and can convert what should be fun quality time with friends and family into a stressful nightmare. Luckily, there are plenty of duties you can cross off your to-do list before your guests start to arrive so you can relax and enjoy your holiday with them.

    1. Keep the guest list manageable.
    Don’t invite more people than you can manage. Consider how much space you have for hosting in general and for seating. If you have more people than will fit at your table, what’s your plan? Do you have extra tables to set up and extra chairs?

    2. Make a list of what you need.
    Once you know how many people are coming to Easter, take an inventory of your plates, forks, knives, serving dishes, cups, etc. If you need extras, borrow some!

    3. Set the menu.
    Ham and lamb are the typically traditional Easter meats of choice for a lot of people, but when planning your menu, keep any and all dietary restrictions or food allergies in mind. Including a Quiche or Spring Mizuna & Pea Pasta alongside your other choices will provide a tasty option for any vegetarians that attend.

    4. Set the table and decorate.
    Who said that you can’t set the table and decorate the day before Easter? Complete these time-consuming duties early to free up time and mental energy for other tasks that will need to be done on Easter.

    5. Have fun.
    Remember that, when all is said and done, Easter is a time to come together. Don’t stress over the small things. Enjoy this special time with your friends and family.

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