Be Prepared For Your Consultation With Your Agent

    During your first consultation with your Real Estate Agent, you will be asked a lot of questions & a lot of information will be thrown your way. The Lynne Gately Team has our clients fill out a Buyer or Seller profile sheet.

    In these sheets we will ask you your basic information such as name, phone, address, birthdays, kids name, best times to reach you etc…

    The reason we like to have your personal information such as kids names or birthdays is so that throughout the year we can make sure our personal touches to your family are correct! We love birthdays & anniversaries as much as anyone, and we want to celebrate with you!

    It usually goes a bit deeper after we get your basic information, this is where we will be asking you if you’ve met with a lender, ever purchased a home, how long you’ve been looking & who else will be a decision maker in the process with you. This helps us to gauge your background on the home buying/selling process. It also will tell us who needs to be seeing the home. If you are getting gift funds from a family member, or your spouse is out of town etc, we want to know how we can make the experience as smooth sailing as possible.

    The last bit of information as a home buyer is going to be what you are looking for. We want as much information as possible here. We get a lot of “wish list” items, but the way we search for homes for you is a bit different then what you would imagine. Here are a few questions that will help your Real Estate Agent find you a home: Preferred areas (if you are not as picky think about areas you do NOT want.) Number of bedrooms, bathrooms & lot size. These items are going to be a range typically. Those are the basics of the house, is there any non-negotiables? Do you need a garage?  Do you need acreage?

    It helps to show your agent an example of a house you like, if you’ve seen anything on the market or that sold recently that looked pretty close to what you were looking for, tell your agent so they can get a good feeling for what you are looking for.  If you have met with a lender or are purchasing with cash, let your agent know your preferred price range. If you haven’t met with one, give them an idea of what you think you will be looking at, this will help them to communicate with your lender so everyone can work together to find you the house you are looking for!

    We hope this guide helps you be more prepared for your first consultation with us, we look forward to learning more about you!

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