Buying a Home VS Building a Home


    Customizing a home from the ground up to fit all of your needs is a dream many people share. We are going to explore some of the pros and cons of buying vs. building a home in today’s market.

    Some advantages of purchasing an existing home is that it is very convenient and depending on the home, you usually get more home for your money. You may be looking at a month or two from the time you go in to contract until the time you close & can move in when purchasing an existing home.  Sometimes it is hard to imagine what a home will look like when you are only presented with a home’s concept. Buying an existing home comes with the benefit of being able to see the home when you make the offer. In many cases, but not all- cost can be a defining factor in deciding to purchase an existing home.

    Building a home is not as convenient as purchasing an existing home, but it has its advantages. You have to find the land & decide amongst different home builders and/or architects to choose who will be building your home. The process of building completely elongates when you will be able to finally move in to your new home. Also, as stated above, you won’t know exactly how your home will look or how the flow from room to room will be until after the build is completed. The biggest advantage is that you will be getting exactly what you want in your home. This is including the layout, colors of the interior and exterior, window placement, room sizes, closet sizes, etc.

    Consult with your agent about your options regarding building vs. buying. Either way, you are making one of the best purchases of your life!



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