Inexpensive Ways to Increase Your Home Value

    The Lynne Gately Team has some inexpensive tips for you to add value to your home and/or spruce it up and give your home a fresh look.



    Cabinetry: Adding a couple of new coats of paint can make cabinets look newer, modern, and clean. Swapping out the old cabinet handles with something newer and modern and make your cabinets stand out in your kitchen.


    Frames/Molding: Changing or adding molding frames to your kitchen change the way your kitchen looks and feels.



    Faucets/Door Knobs/Locks:  Replacing the faucet can be quite expensive, there is another way to give your faucets a in way. Painting is easier and fun, you will need to make sure that the paint is bathroom approved.


    Shelves: Hidden storage might be good for living in a home, it is a nice view to see things on shelves without having to open any doors. A few extra shelves in a blank space can make a big difference.


    Living Room:

    Outlets/Switches: By changing the outlets in a room can make the room feel “fancy”. You can also paint the outlets if you can cannot find the color you are wanting or design.



    Plants: Adding a few live plants in a room can help make it feel lively and welcoming. Depending on the kind of plants you add to a room will depend on the benefits from the plants. Some benefits can be: reducing carbon dioxide levels, reduce level of certain pollutants such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide; reduce the airborne dust levels; and helps keeps the air temperature down.

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