John L. Scott Foundation Mission is to help get kids healthy and to be at home.

"I'm extremely proud of the John L. Scott Foundation and the difference our support team and sale associates are making in the lives of children. Our mission is dedicated to ensuring that children have access to the medical care they need regardless of their families ability to pay. The John L. Scott Foundation was founded in honor of my grandfather, John L. Scott, a philanthropist and community activist who taught me the value of giving back. At John L. Scott we believe in the value of Living Life as a Contribution to others and when you choose to work with John L. Scott Real Estate, you can feel good knowing that together we are helping to ensure that the children in our community have access to quality medical care."

- J. Lennox Scott, Chairman and CEO


We have a sponsor hospital here in the Eugene/Springfield area: Relief Nursery, located at 1720 W 25th Ave. Relief Nursery is a private non-profit agency dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and neglect through early intervention that focuses on building successful and resilient children, strengthening parents, and preserving families.