Kitchen Storage

    Do you have a small kitchen? Do your countertops feel cluttered? Do you feel your kitchen lacks functionality? Our blog post today will give you some great ideas on kitchen storage & organization.

    Go Vertical.

    There may be space above your sink or lower cabinetry that you aren’t taking advantage of. You could install shelving with various hooks for towels, aprons & small tools. You can buy magnetic strips to mount on your kitchen wall for your knife set.  Another option for pots and pans would be to install a hanging pot rack in the kitchen to free up cabinetry space.



    Kitchen Island.

    Your kitchen may be small, but you may be able to get creative and choose a center of the room style island or a small butcher block on wheels. If your island is on wheels you can have it in the center of the room when you are using it, or you can wheel it in to a corner when you are not to keep the space feeling de-cluttered.



    You can always look in to purchasing cabinetry to install as a “pantry” if you are lacking storage space, they make sleek, functional cabinets that could solve your pantry problems.

    Some other great tips are to find pieces that you use frequently when in the kitchen, and find versions that are esthetically pleasing and make them a focal point whether it be a collection of bamboo cutting boards, beautiful glass vases or wooden bowls try to use some items as décor while freeing up space in the cabinets to hide the not so esthetically pleasing items.



    Those are a few tips on helping to create space in your kitchen, just think of all the areas that are not being utilized and envision what you could do with the space to add functionality to your kitchen.

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