Moving Tips!

    Moving from one house to another is exciting and stressful at the same time. Having some sound advice can make the process a whole lot easier. The Lynne Gately Team’s tried-and-true tips below can help ensure your move is as successful and seamless as possible.


    1. Make a “Unpacking Kit”! Pack your basic essentials, such as a change of clothes and toiletries, in a carry-on-sized bag to keep with you, instead of loading them into the truck/trailer with the rest of your household items.



    2. Use clear plastic bins for priority items



    3. Sell unwanted valuables online or have a yard sale. If you can’t sell them and still want them gone, try contacting local charities well before moving day and have them pick up all items as donations. This is the best time to declutter your home & start fresh!



    4. Use your moving and packing as a chance to purge all clothes that no longer fit or you do not use. Toss them or donate them.



    5. Take pictures of your old and new homes.



    6. Thoroughly label your boxes, so you know what room they belong in and what items are inside.



    7. Place styrofoam plates in between breakable plates to keep them safe.




    8. Have food and drink prepared for the movers if they are friends and family. People that are well fed and hydrated are much more likely to want to help.




    9. Tie all cords that go to one electronic device together so that it can be easily found later. Ziploc bag them together or use toilet paper tubes to seperate them in a box. Be sure to clearly label them as well.




    10. Put screws and other small parts that go to something broken down into sandwich bags that are sealable.



    11. Take regular breaks as you move. The last thing you want to do is wear them out and then find yourself alone on moving day.



    12. Set your jewelry between two sheets of Press n’ Seal to prevent it from moving around and tangling inside your bag.



    13. Pack heavy items like books in a rolling suitcase. Boxes tend to break when they are packed too heavy and this way you can roll the heavy items instead of carrying them.



    14. Invest in helpers if you see you are not going to have enough help. The money will be well spent and you will not be nearly as stressed.



    15. Celebrate your first day in your home by having a luxurious dinner out! You worked hard so let someone else take care of you for an hour or two!



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