• Plumbing Disasters To Avoid

      You can avoid a visit from the plumber during the fall season by following these clog-preventing plumbing tips: Know your DIY limits to avoid a minor plumbing problem turning into…

      Written by Lynne Gately
    • Kitchen Storage

      Do you have a small kitchen? Do your countertops feel cluttered? Do you feel your kitchen lacks functionality? Our blog post today will give you some great ideas on kitchen…

      Written by Lynne Gately
    • Home Buying Myths

        Think you’re not ready to unlock home ownership yet? That the financial hurdles are too high? You may be short-changing yourself. Many of the things renters believe about home-buying are myths.…

      Written by Lynne Gately
    • Fall Checklist!

      We’re well into the fall season and winter is right around the corner. This is the time of year when it’s especially important to make sure your home is ready…

      Written by Lynne Gately
    • Fixer Uppers

        For first-time homebuyers, buying a fixer-upper can look like a dream. Taking on a massive project may look like an ideal opportunity to create the house of your dreams…

      Written by Lynne Gately
    • Forgotten Chores

      Below are common chores that home owners tend to forget about. All chores are important ones when maintaining your home, don’t be included in the homeowners that forget the 4…

      Written by Lynne Gately
    • Gardens

      The Lynne Gately Team LOOOOVES gardening and Lane County is a great area to start your own garden in! Whether you have a large yard or small, you can get…

      Written by Lynne Gately
    • Back To School Tips

      Happy almost Labor Day Weekend! Do you know what that means?! That means the school year starts next week! I hope all of the parents out there have their back…

      Written by Lynne Gately

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