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    Who is Western Title & Escrow?

    Western Title is an escrow/title company that are proud to be able to provide this helpful guide to understanding the title and escrow process when buying or selling a home in Oregon.

    Western Escrow has experienced and knowledgeable Escrow Officers waiting
    to assist you. They can handle your Residential and Commercial Purchases and/ or Refinance Escrows, from the unique to the complex. Western has offices locally and nationwide to accommodate the most demanding Buyers, Sellers and Borrowers.

    Western helps buyers and sellers by being the 3rdparty in the transfer of ownership of the property. The terms and conditions are given to the escrow holder/officer. In turn, the escrow holder has the responsibility of seeing that terms of the escrow are carried out. The escrow is an independent neutral account and the vehicle by which the mutual instructions of all parties to the transaction are complied with.

    Some of the Escrow Officer Duties:

    • The Escrow Officer’s duties typically include the following:
      • Receive signed Purchase Agreement; prepare Escrow Instructions
      • Receive and deposit buyer’s earnest money into an escrow account
      • Serve as the neutral agent and liaison/communication link to all parties to the transaction
      • Order Title Commitment to determine status of title to property
      • Request beneficiary’s statement or pay-off demand related to existing financing
      • Comply with lender’s requirements as specified in the lender’s closing instructions
      • Prorate taxes, interest, insurance and rents
      • Prepare or secure the transfer deed or other documents necessary to consummate the transaction
      • Request & receive purchase funds from the buyer & loan funds from new lender
      • Close escrow pursuant to instructions provided by seller, buyer, and lender.
      • Arrange for recording of deeds and any other documents as instructed
      • Request issuance of the title insurance policies
      • Disburse funds as authorized, including charges for title insurance, recording fees, commissions and loan payoffs
      • Disposition of all funds held in escrow account
      • Prepare final accounting statements for the parties


    Western Escrow & Title Website: https://www.westerntitle.com. Please reach out to them if you have any further questions or if you would want to know about the process and how Western Title provides to you as a seller and/or a buyer.

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